Welcome to Health Habits TV

This website is about exactly two things: your health and the lifestyle habits that directly influence your health.

So, what are habits really? Habits are more than just simple routines. They are a repetitive set of actions, thoughts, and tendencies that have become so ingrained and automatic that we don’t really think about them anymore or their implications.

And if you are someone who is motivated and interested in disrupting those habits, for the purpose of improving your health, then this website is for you.

The entirety of this website, as well as my own personal life mission, is directed towards one purpose: to help you gain a complete picture and understanding of your health, and to empower you to take the necessary actions and make adjustments needed in your life and habits in order to elevate all aspects of your wellbeing. My hope and wish is that Health Habits will serve as a tool and resource (along with other useful teachers and sources of information) in order to help you in this purpose.

Here you will find a variety of health articles, short informational video segments (called HH Minutes), as well as Health Habits TV feature video episodes where I, along with other guests and colleagues, explore and discuss various medical health and lifestyle topics.

So check this website often, and stay tuned.

And remember: Stay fit. Think positive. And be well.

Dr. G