Traveling is a passion for many people across the world. The adventure, freedom and the thrill that comes with traveling is something of an addiction. So for all the people who take joy in discovering different parts of this world, the following five places will definitely be added to your travel bucket list. These destinations will make you want to pack a bag and head straight to the airport.

1. Norway


Most people don’t think of Norway when planning their next vacation. And because of that, many and many more people miss the opportunity to visit this unique country. In Norway, you can experience beautiful scenery you will never see anywhere else. From gigantic waterfalls with roads built passing through it, to seas full of whirlpools, to midnight sunshine (in the summer). Norway is worth visiting just for the scenery alone.

2. Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka is an often overlooked Southeast Asia destination for a travel bucket list. This beautiful country is home to exotic animals and fruits, and jaw-dropping beaches. In Sri Lanka, you can also visit incredible temples and architecture that will leave you speechless. And don’t forget about those gorgeous hikes and delicious food you can enjoy. Sri Lanka is definitely a one of a kind destination… just don’t forget to bring your mosquito net!

3. Reykjavik, Iceland

Blue Lagoon

Reykjavik is known amongst travelers to be a very safe and friendly destination. In fact, many advise soon-to-be solo travelers to start their journey here. In Reykjavik, you will find a lot of things you can do, especially if you’re into adventure; you can camp out all night in hopes to see the Northern Lights, you can dive between two continents, you can go to the Blue Lagoon which is a natural spa, and you can even go horseback riding in nature. Another thing Reykjavik is known for is its mouth-watering seafood. So it is safe to assume that Reykjavik earns a spot on this list.

4. Nice, France

Nice Beach

The French Riviera is highly featured in many movies as a place to relax, unwind and take in the beautiful views, and boy were they right! The beaches, the wine and the afternoon walks on the beach make Nice and its surrounding cities, a must go in the summer. But on a trip to Nice, you don’t just get beaches and sun, you also get all the romance, art, and chill that a French vacation has. And oh, the French pastries!

5. Havana, Cuba


The final item in our travel bucket list is a destination you can’t miss – Havana, Cuba. Havana can be best described as the land of cigars, retro cars, and dancing. When you go to Cuba, it’s like you’re stepping into a retired spy’s life. Just think about it… smoking a cigar on the beach (or not), having a Cuban sandwich with maybe a drink, and just enjoy what goes on. And don’t you want to go to a beach full of palm trees and dancing music?